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Hi Bride, because this will be the most beautiful day of your life you need to pick the best Bridesmaids & Maid of Honor dresses!

Make an In-Store appointment in the link below or call to 787.946.8599 Please tell us in the comments the color(s) chosen for your Bridesmaids!

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In-Store appointment we can show you samples and catalogs so you can pick the perfect Bridesmaids dresses.



  1. Having the color palette defined. When making the appointment and inform us of the chosen color(s) we can offer you all the options within these palette.

  2. Attend the appointment with your mother, besty or wedding planner.This way you can focus on the ideal dress according to your wedding and not be confused by many different opinions.



    1. Alteration | Fields and rolls with an additional cost which will depend on the alteration.

    2. Custom Dress by Fashion Designer Angel Guzman. For Custom Dress please make an appointment with our Fashion Designer in the link below or call to 787.946.8599.

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