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About Us

With her standard success, Liz Charleen is slowly growing and made name for herself and now know as the girl of the bows, her trademark, & her boutique in the world of fashion. Currently established in her fashion store & atelier, Zil boutique in Hato Rey,  Puerto Rico. The designer is labouring arduously day in and day out, hoping to take her brand and store to the international stage in the coming years.
Inspired by her artistic inclinations since littler designing her dresses and by her dressmaker, her aunts. Liz Charleen focus her energy on fashion design and start in designing school before graduating from high school. She graduate of 'School of Design Lisa Thon' in San Juan, PR School made by a Puerto Rican fashion designer Lisa Thon. After she graduate of bachelor of commercial advertising & graphics arts of the university of the states, she in 2014 auditioned in 'Revelación Moda' a reality show like 'Project Runway' made in Puerto Rico. It was chosen from the group of 10 designers from 60 applications. She had an early exit of the reality show but impressed and is remembered and hard criticised for her trademark, a big bow at the top of the models. At the moment people They criticized because they did not understand his style and purpose since they were not used to it. Why the bow? Because she wants to be recognised automatically every time a model had a big bow at there heads. Don't worry the bows are not for sale. Later on the style of the big bow at the top of the model to been used on runways as Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week & London Fashion Week. Maybe now they understands.
Liz Charleen starts her online store by december of  2013, later on in september of 2014 she open her fiscal store & atelier, Zil boutique in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. With a variety of imported clothes, her clothing line &  clothing line of several colleagues as Orlando Emanuel, Janice Emilia & Emmanuel Acosta, Puerto Rican fashion designers. 
Hopefully much more to be done and write about Liz Charleen, there are still goals to accomplish and I will achieve.
Special Thanks to those people & friends that help me since day 1, the ones I met along the way and helped me and those who believe in me and supported me….THANK YOU! & Love you!  
Yamil Miranda
Gerardo Bello
Kelvin Pagan
Tabatha Sanchez
Darliz Rios
Christina Sanchez
Nathasha Bonet
Paola Diaz